A passion for running

How We Got Started

RUNBANGLA International (RBI) was established in January 2019. Conceptually the organization was formed during the previous 3 years over the course of several trips throughout Bangladesh.  Planning and research took place in Dhaka and New York City between founder Jon Boka and a dedicated team of running enthusiasts from Bangladesh and countries around the world.

Our Objectives

  1.   Promote Bangladesh distance running races nationwide and throughout the world.
  2.  Apply international standards (AIMS-IAAF) for course measurement and timing to all RBI Branded Races and other certified sanctioning bodies for Member Races.  Associate Member Races are not required to be certified.
  3.  Create an online community for runners from all corners of Bangladesh.


What We Do

RBI brings together a team of running enthusiasts from Bangladesh and around the world responding to the growing number of distance runners nationally and internationally who want to elevate the experience of Bangladesh distance races to the top tier of international racing standards. This includes introducing the latest technology in RFID timing, course measurement certification (AIMS-IAAF) and Bangladesh focused philanthropic partnerships.

RBI, through its online community, will also list on its RBI-RACE CALENDAR all organized races nationwide for free, create RBI Branded Races, promote certified Member Races and list non-certified Associate Member Races. The community will also grow to serve as a source for running news, children’s events and other running and race related areas of interest.